Just Like Me

When I went to my appointment at the Medical Center of Plano on July 10th, the Labor and Delivery nurses told me about a lady (Kim) who delivered her baby (Stetson) there 6 months before and her son didn’t have any legs and only his upper arms, just like my son! 

Today, I had the amazing privilege of meeting Kim, Stetson, and Kim’s parents!! Their happiness is SO encouraging!! They were the nicest sweetest people. I feel amazingly blessed that I got to meet them.

When I saw Stetson, I had so many emotions come over me. I saw him and he brought a smile immediately to my face. I was so happy and excited that I wanted to cry, but I was so happy and excited I couldn’t cry, all I could do was smile! Meeting Stetson made everything just that much more real for me. It was like a preview, an amazing preview that not everyone in my situation gets. I am very thankful for that.

Meeting with Kim and talking with her was so great! She was so informative about everything and had some good advice. She was the sweetest woman ever and I loved that! I just feel so blessed that I have someone that finally understands how I feel, where Im coming from, and to go through things with. People like that are very hard to come by. 

I learned today that if I would have never kept my sweet baby boy, I would have never had the great privilege to meet and have such amazing people in my life now. I learned that it was SO VERY MUCH worth keeping my baby boy, because Stetson was the MOST precious and encouraging blessing! He assured me in my heart that I made the right choice. Thank you Stetson! 

From this, I have gained a friend, Kim has gained a friend, and best of all, our sons have gained a friend! Friends like these are friends that you can never replace. Thank you Kim for allowing me and Camden to be a part of yours and Stetson’s lives and for letting me meet your precious baby boy! Now my sweet Camden has someone that he can say, “Hey, he is just like me!”and you just don’t know how incredible that makes me feel. I couldn’t have asked for a greater blessing.

Me and sweet Stetson!


6 thoughts on “Just Like Me

  1. How awesome that you found a friend for your little boy before he is even born, and a mom that truly understands what you are going through. It is going to be a hard road, but you are so brave, and have already shown that you can handle a lot. It is great that you are already building a support system. Good Luck Mama!


  2. I just want to say how brave, loving and unselfish you are to want to keep your baby knowing he is missing limbs.I am so happy you have found Kim and her son you two will have so much encouragement for each other. I wish you the best of luck! 🙂


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