31 Weeks

Before I get started on what has been going on the past couple of weeks, I want to tell you about Camden’s Fundraiser that I started tonight! I am trying to raise money for my baby boy’s medical expenses, I am on Tricare and the moment he is born it will not cover him at all, so I don’t know what expenses I will have with him being high-risk and disabled. I am also trying to raise money for Camden’s prosthetic arms, as they cost thousands and thousands of dollars and any other items for his use. I want to go ahead and thank everyone in advance for any donations made!! It means so much to me, and for what has already been donated, I am speechless. I feel truly blessed!! If you cannot donate, please share Camden’s gofundme page or share my blog because our story could help someone who needs it!

I am so excited! I am 31 weeks pregnant today. That means… ONLY 8 MORE WEEKS UNTIL I HAVE MY PRECIOUS BABY BOY IN MY ARMS, AT THE MOST!!! A lot has been going on the past few weeks, with doctors appointments, getting things together for Camden, and so on. I’ll just start from mid July and work my way up to today!

My wonderful Mother! She has been helping me out so much with everything and I really don’t thank her enough, so I just want to take 2 sentences and say, Thanks Mom for all you do! Your the best Mom in the whole world and I love you! 

I have to take a minute and brag on her and promote her business!! (Because she is the best Mom) This woman LOVES to crochet. A couple of weeks ago I was talking about a Halloween costume for Camden. She showed me a crocheted elephant hat and diaper cover and it is THE CUTEST thing ever!! Well, she decided to make one for Camden and it turned out AMAZING!! She also made an owl Pirate hat & Monkey hat and diaper cover!! I’m going to show them off real quick! You also need to check out her Facebook page!! https://www.facebook.com/fivelilbirds  She has all three of these items for sale. If you have something else in mind that you want made, just send her a private message and she will see what she can do for you!


At the end of July I started my biweekly checkups with my regular OB, Dr. Fong. I was 29 weeks pregnant. Everything went really good. Camden’s heart sounded really good and strong. My uterus was measuring at 25 weeks, 4 weeks behind, which is expected because Camden is missing his legs and lower arms. 
As you know, I live in the North Dallas, Texas area and all of my family lives in Georgia. So, I talked to Dr. Fong about inducing me so my family and Camden’s other family could possibly be there for his birth! He said that if Camden is still breech, we will possibly do a C-section on October 4th and if Camden is head down then he will induce me on October 10th (Camden is due on October 11th) I am so excited about this because I actually have dates now!!

Fast forward to August 8th (yesterday). August 8th I had an appointment with my Perinatologist, Dr. Brown-Elliot. I was 30weeks&6days pregnant. This appointment went amazing!! I had another ultrasound done to check Camden’s growth progress. They guesstimated him to be at 3 pounds 2 ounces and 12 inches long!! That’s a whole 2 pounds since last month!! His upper arms are still growing behind, but they are growing! I am so proud of my big boy!! Last month my amniotic fluid levels were at an 8, which is on the low side. (They start to worry when it gets to 5) Yesterday my fluid was up to 14!! I was so happy to hear that!! Camden’s heart and brain still looked excellent!! Last month they said that his head was on the narrow side, and Dr. Brown-Elliot said it was probably due to him being breech. Yesterday he was head down and his head isn’t as narrow anymore!!! I am so proud of him! Hopefully he will stay head down! I see Dr. Brown-Elliot once a week to have an ultrasound, until Camden is born.

Here is an ultrasound pic from August 8th

A couple of days ago I started looking for a doula. I have wanted a doula since I first found out I was pregnant because I seriously want to have a fully unmedicated natural birth! I found North Dallas Doula Associates on Facebook. The first person to catch my eye was, Nikki. I just LOVED her hair!! I emailed her and we talked for a little while. I finally got to meet her today!! That was so much fun! She has the best energy! I am so comfortable around her and she has this calming effect. I don’t really know how to explain it, but I love her! We talked for a little while and I told her some about Camden. Then my mother decided it was her turn to talk and she made everyone cry! But anyways, I feel like it was meant to be for Nikki to be my doula and I feel very happy to have her as part of my team! I am very excited for what is to come!

My doula, Nikki Knowles


5 thoughts on “31 Weeks

  1. I saw Dr. Brown-Elliot for my NTS ultrasound! Wonderful woman and great doctor! Good luck with your pregnancy and hopefully all goes well!


  2. After this comment, I'm checking out your mom's FB page. OMG those are freaking adorable and I need all of them. Hopefully, I can persuade some family to get them for me and my little man. Good to read that Camden is growing so well and YAY for finding such a wonderful doula to join Team Camden. 🙂


  3. Oh my God, just saw your thread on babycenter.com and came here and you made me cry. This is such a beautiful story and your little boy is adorable! He really does have a beautiful profile. He has a beautiful mom, too. I am so glad he has you. Some day he is going to thank you for protecting his little life. He is going to be very happy. Love is the best thing in life and he will get plenty of it, I'm sure! He already is. Thank you so much for being so courageous and for sharing this beautiful story.


  4. I know you made me promise that I would not cry if you let me read your blog. I couldn't help it!!! First of all, you are my precious baby girl and will always be on top of my priority list along with your other 4 siblings. I vowed to take care of you forever the moment I knew I was carrying you no matter where you or I are at in this big ole world. Camden happens to be a wonderful bonus that I get to spoil rotten. I would not change anything about any of this for all the wealth in the world. I want you to be able to live your life comfortably with your little man. You need to go to nursing school, work, make friends, and find your soul mate and I will do what I need to do to make sure these things happen. I am always here for you and Camden and will always be thankful for our life together. I have never seen a young woman so driven or determined as I have seen you to be. I have no fears at all that you will be everything and anything that you want to be for yourself and Camden. I love you!


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