All He Needs is a Chance.

Today, January 28th, Camden had his first appointment at Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. Let me first off say that Scottish Rite is a great hospital and I would recommend it who anyone who has limb abnormalities. Everyone there is so kind and they have a lot of cute old people who volunteer at the hospital. Today at Camden’s appointment, things didn’t go how I thought they would. I expected to hear that Camden would be able to get prosthetic arms and that he would never be able to get prosthetic legs. I was so so so wrong!!!

First we went to the hand doctor. She looked over Camden’s arms and I thought I heard her say something that I didn’t want to hear, so I asked her, “Will he ever be able to use prosthetic arms?” She said, “No.” I started crying immediately. The more I looked at Camden, the more my heart broke for him. I knew that nothing was my fault, I didn’t do anything wrong, and there was nothing that I could do, but I felt like I failed my son. I don’t really know how to explain it better than that. The Doctor said that he would never use the prosthetics because he would never feel with them and they would be heavy.  I may have totally taken this first appointment the wrong way, but all I heard was someone telling me that my son would never be able to do something.  That was her first mistake… Please don’t ever tell me, or my son, that he will never be able to do something, without giving him a chance. I gave Camden a chance at life and I expect everyone to give him the same respect. All he needs is a chance. I am planning on moving back to my home state, Georgia, and I will be getting a second opinion, I may have to get 3 or 4 different opinions, but I will find a Doctor who will give my son that chance, when the time comes, for him to start trying out prosthetics. I don’t care AT ALL if Camden NEVER uses prosthetic arms, but that will be Camden’s choice. I will not allow someone else to make choices for Camden.

Last we saw an Orthopedist and a couple of other people. We were told that Camden is smart for his age (proud Momma moment) and they said that the activities we do with Camden are great right now since his movement is so well, but I need to work more on tummy time and try to start getting Camden to prop up on his arms and roll over. Let me tell you something though, Camden Lee Steele Whiddon is SUCH A FLIRT!! When one of the ladies walked into our room he must have fell in love because he was smiling at her and turning his head side ways and giving her a look. He is just way too cute!! Anyways… The Orthopedist came in and looked at Camden’s hips and sent us off for an ultrasound of his hips to see if he has any femur at all. We went into the ultrasound room and Camden was awesome at first, but then he started screaming so loud, so I had to lean over the table and breastfeed him while they did the ultrasound. I think that may have been one of the most difficult things I ever had to do! When we went back into our room the Doctor told us that Camden either has a little tiny bit of femur or a ball in his socket. They aren’t sure which because he is still so small and his bones haven’t calcified yet. I am also not sure if this is on both sides of his hips, or just one. But, this means that there is a chance that Camden will be able to have some sort of prosthetic legs in the future!! Only time will tell!!

Today I went into Scottish Rite thinking my baby boy had a chance at getting prosthetic arms and no chance at ever walking. I came out having to tell myself that I can never give up on my baby boy getting prosthetic arms and I was given hope to see him walk one day. Its funny how things can switch up. I did not hear what I wanted to hear at all, but I know that MY God has an AWESOME plan for Camden!! I just need to remind myself to ALWAYS pray and to put all of my trust in HIM! I know God will do what is best for Camden.

{Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. -Proverbs 3:5-6}


11 thoughts on “All He Needs is a Chance.

  1. Katie I'm so glad that your decided to share this journey with the world. Aside from being an outlet for you. .. It really inspires so many. .and gives us hope. Hope that there are all wonderful parents in this crazy world.. who will fight for their children. Who believe in them and help them to be the best they can be. Who teach their children that despite challenges. .ANYTHING worth having is worth working for. CAMDEN LEE Will do great things. .. many great things. Because we know his life is not without purpose. I believe Camden will be on tv one day. … with an amazing testimony. .and guess who will be right there beside him? ?…his beautiful mommy. Who like you said GAVE HIM A CHANCE! !! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH. I'm so proud of you and Camden… and stop flirting little boy. no gf's until you're 18!!


  2. You truly are amazing. I have followed you since the BBC Oct 2013 board, and you and your baby boy have been in my prayers since the anatomy scan. I will continue to lift you and that beautiful boy up in prayer! You did such an amazing thing by giving him a chance at life, I swear I cry every time I see an update from you! Camden is exactly one week older than my Nathan 😉 Your son has an amazing destiny planned out for him, I just know it!


  3. Your update makes me cry! Its so wonderful that you are so strong for him! I was talking to my 14yo daughter tonite and our conversation was endless of what God can do with him through his life! He still has a voice and that maybe all he needs to use to show Gods grace and love. I know God gave you this amazing boy so you can continue to have the best joy in your life.


  4. Way to go, momma (and kiddo)!Remember, you are your child's greatest advocate. Do not be afraid to ruffle feathers or cause a scene trying to get equality for your child. Be the momma tiger you didn't realize you were!


  5. Love Love Love this update. Its not always what we want to hear, but its what we don't want to hear that opens us up to having hope and realizing that its the challenge of someone saying we will NEVER beable to do something that we set our minds to knowing that just because someone said we can NEVER do this that we in return what to show them never say never to us or our children ❤ God Bless you and Camden. I pray that we can meet someday !!


  6. Love and miss you Hon, hope to see you next time you are here. (was just starting the chemo when you came last time and could not see you) 9 more weeks till finish-doing great! Can't wait to see and hold Camden! I need more grandchildren in my life-they are the best reason to live♥ Love Grandma Brenda


  7. I have been following you since you first posted on BBC about your first ultrasound .God has picked strongest mama for Camden . You both are in my prayers !!


  8. I don't care for the word no myself or you can't do that. Some people obviously don't know what determination means. Never give up. What a handsome boy.


  9. \”Even i only touch HIS clothes, i will be healed\” this is a miracle for a lady who was bleeding at bible. Katie…. u are a great mom, when God choose Mary to be Jesus's mom, it is not easy. She can died because the rules at that time will kill the person who pregnant before marriage. The thing that i want to say is: GOD CHOOSE YOU TO BE CAMDEN'S MOM FOR A BIG REASON AND PLAN… u and camden and family bring a blessing to the world. So much prayer give to you from all aroun the world. His grace is enough for u. U are great, amazing… Camden is precious in HIS EYES… APPLE of GOD'S eyes…. the person who give ALL THE CHANCE for Camden is JESUS. we pray for u and His strength will upon u…. Dont give up, Katie…. my love n pray for u, camden and family from Indonesia….


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