We’re Back!

Like the title says, WE’RE BACK! I haven’t posted anything since October 2nd, 2014, which was Camden’s first birthday. He is THREE now! I’ve mostly been posting on the Facebook page, and I’ve been neglecting that too lately. BUT! I’m ready to get back into my groove of writing and sharing. I’m about to be a mommy of three children ages three and under and I NEED something to do that does not require stuffing little non stop talking mouths with food or wiping any poop butts.

An update for those of you who do not have Facebook or follow me on my personal Instagram:

Camden is now a know-it-all three year old, Ryleigh is a sassy pants two year old, and we will be welcoming baby Jaxton (he will go by Jax) sometime in July! Oh, and we also have Camden and Ryleigh’s bonus-dad, Cole! I love him, the kids adore him, and he knows how to deal with all of our craziness! God definitely sent us a great one!

I’m not entirely sure what this blog is going to contain, but it’s going to be a about a little of everything! What the kids are up to, going a little deeper into our story, dealing with the public and disability, cloth diapering toddlers and a newborn(hopefully the older 2 will be fully potty learned by the time Jax gets here), get into a few of my parenting choices, and I might even show you guys my next months ipsy bag if it’s as good as what I got this month! But whatever this blog ends up being or not being, I know it’s going to be fun! And I really really hope you enjoy following along!


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