Baby Jaxton: Pregnancy-Week 18

Today I am 18 weeks and 2 days pregnant with our little boy, Jaxton. I had my anatomy scan this morning. Anatomy scans always make me super nervous. First we had a scan at 12 weeks to make sure he had all of his arms and legs because of Camden not having his, so that was out of the way. Then we had the anatomy scan and that made me nervous because Ryleigh has a sacral dimple and even though I think all of my babies are perfect and I wouldn’t change a single thing about them, it still makes me worry because this time it could be a serious internal defect. But thankfully Jaxton looks great! He is measuring right on track with how old he is and he weighs 8 ounces. We got to watch him move all around and watch the 4 chambers of his strong little heart pump in and out blood. I saw my midwife and she said everything looks 100% healthy and I should get my blood results back next week from the spina bifida and Down’s syndrome tests. I am soooo thankful that we were blessed with a third healthy child!

I love to use the Ovia pregnancy app to get all of my pregnancy updates! They have cute little pictures and four different themes to choose from to compare to baby’s size. This week I chose the Fruits & Vegetables theme and Jaxton is the size of a sweet potato! 
Another photo option that they offer is a hand size comparison. It’s so neat seeing how fast their little hands grow. Me and Cole have the same reaction every week when we see how much Jaxton’s hands have grown in just 7 days. It’s really awesome. 
So after I got home from my appointment this morning I was showing Camden and Ryleigh all of the pictures of their new baby and Camden said the funniest thing. “Mama! He has a wiener just like mine!!!” And that is life with a typical three year old boy, haha!


One thought on “Baby Jaxton: Pregnancy-Week 18

  1. So happy to hear (read) that baby Jax is growing well and is healthy. Can't wait to see him when he arrives. God is so good. Love seeing and reading all about your beautiful babies.


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