Camden & Ryleigh’s First Beach Trip!

Saturday morning I woke up with tons of energy, which every mother knows is rare and very welcomed when you’re pregnant, and wanted to get out and do something fun with the kids! We were eating breakfast and I hinted to Cole that today would be a nice day to take the kids to the beach for their very first time. He said let’s go, and so we did! 
We got to Saint Simons Island around 1pm, had a little picnic, then took the kids down to the beach.

Ryleigh was 100% in her element and LOVED EVERYTHING about the beach! She was picking up shells, seaweed, wood, and little sea creatures. 

Camden got his name drawn in the sand and he thought that was awesome!

I was so proud of Camden for playing in the sand. If you know Camden very well, you know that he HATES getting dirty. But he got right into it and started building himself a house!

This was the funniest thing! Cole dug this hole and put Camden in it. He sat in it until it started filling up and when Cole pulled him out his shorts stayed in the sand, so everyone had to see his little booty!

Daddy-Cole made Camden a sand chair and he thought it was the coolest thing!

Ryleigh spent 85% of her time in these warm little pools picking up all of the little animals.

This was their first time on a pier and they loved that too! There were ducks, planes, and boats and they were fascinated by every one of them.

We had the best time on our little beach trip! There were no meltdowns, Camden overcame his fear of big bodies of water and getting dirty, and Ryleigh was an awesome sister and showed Camden all of the shells she picked up. It only cost us $15 for gas and we brought our own food, so we will definitely be doing this again soon!


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