Baby Jaxton: Pregnancy-Week 19

We’re at week 19!!!! Yay!!! This is such a big week! Why is this a big week? Because it’s the week before 20 weeks and 20 weeks means we’re half way there!!! Eeeekkkk!!!

In last weeks pregnancy update I talked about my favorite pregnancy app, Ovia! Ovia gives cute little comparison pics and sweet little updates to let you know how mom and baby are doing!
For week 19 I chose the fruits and veggies theme for Jaxton’s body size comparison, and that showed he is the size of a zucchini! 
Here is the size of his hand! This is still and will always be my favorite thing to watch grow! His hands are so incredibly tiny right now, but they grow so incredibly fast!
This past week Jax has gotten SO strong! I’ve been able to feel his movements here and there for a while now, but this past week I can literally feel every single time he moves! And I love it! Me and Cole were about to go to sleep a few nights ago and Jaxton gave me a couple really strong kicks, so I told Cole to put his hand there. Cole has felt him move before, but seeing his face light up when he got to feel a really strong kick made me almost cry! I just love that he’s into this pregnancy as much as I am. Also, I had a dream last night that I could grab Jax’s head through my belly and when I woke up he was moving around like a wild child, so his movements are strong even while I’m sleeping, making me dream about him! So cool! Here is this weeks belly pic!

With each weeks pregnancy update, I am going to link a blog post that I write about pregnancy or parenting, so I hope you read, enjoy, and share those with other moms as well! This week I wrote two posts: Birth: Hospital Bag Checklist and The ONLY 6 Things You Need For A Baby


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