Baby Jaxton: Pregnancy-Week 20

We’re finally half way there, y’all! 20 weeks!!! This pregnancy has gone by so fast already and I’m very much enjoying that part this time. This third pregnancy is really taking a toll on my body. I’m more tired than I’ve ever been and I have Braxton hicks a lot more frequently than I did with Camden and Ryleigh. I’m just hoping that I don’t get admitted to L&D several times like I did with Camden for Braxton hicks. But I sure do love growing my sweet little Jax, regardless of what he’s doing to my body.

Now time for updates on Jaxton’s growth from my favorite pregnancy app, Ovia!

This week Jax is the size of a paper airplane. But I really want to know out of what kind of paper, because paper airplane sizes vary by paper, haha.

Look at the size of his sweet little hand! Go back and look at my pregnancy updates from week 18 and 19 to see how much his hand has grown!
Here’s our 20 week bump! I’m not much, if at all, bigger than last week, but it’s definitely getting harder to bend over and he’s getting so much stronger! He’s getting to the stage where he doesn’t like when I rest my arm on my belly or when I lean against the counter while washing dishes. Sometimes I do that just to feel him kick me super hard. I’m already able to all that his personality is going to be a lot like his big sister’s! 
For this weeks pregnancy and parenting blog post click The DOs and DON’Ts Of Visiting A Newborn. It’s a great post to share with friends and family, if you’re expecting a new little one soon!

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