With Or Without Hands, We Still Color!

Today has been a little hectic, even though we haven’t left the house. I have been working on setting up our new Instagram and updating our Facebook and website, but the kids have been driving me absolutely crazy! They have been fighting over Ryleigh’s toy kitchen, breaking apart blueberry cupcakes and throwing them all over the living room, and crying because I’d keep separating them. I finally had enough and needed them to do a quiet time activity, coloring!

I know that I’ve posted a few times on our Facebook page about the kids coloring, but I’m still so impressed every single time with how well Camden does! I am so thankful that he can do this simple little thing that I thought he would never ever ever be able to do. And I’m so so SO very thankful that God sent him a little sister that encourages him and tells him that he’s doing a good job.

Do you want to see something really awesome? Check out this video of Camden choosing the exact marker he wants and picking it up like its no big deal. And now after watching the video, im not sure if he was making “wishes” or “witches”.

I just love how sweet they are when they aren’t making me want to pull out my hair. Oh, and the reason Ryleigh only colors with crayons and color pencils is because she thinks that she is a tattoo artist for herself and Camden. And the reason why Camden only colors with markers is because he can’t press hard enough with the crayons or pencils to make the colors dark enough to satisfy his toddler self.

And here is the finished product! I’m not allowed to throw away their color pages because they’d get really mad at me and I’d probably regret it when they’re older and don’t color for me anymore. For now I just pile them on the fridge and pray my magnets are strong enough to hold up the 20 pages I already have. I think it’s time to invest in a big folder. 


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