Baby Jaxton: Pregnancy-Week 21

We’re 21 weeks pregnant today! This week was a good week. I wasn’t extremely uncomfortable or anything and Jax is getting more active. Every night he just moves around like crazy. Cole had his hand on my belly last night and Jax kicked, punched, and rolled non stop for like 5 minutes. It was great! It made me laugh because I’ve never had so much movement at one time this early on with my other pregnancies. And I’m definitely getting nervous about how strong he is going to be! His strength when kicking startles me all of the time and I can’t imagine how strong he is going to be another 3 months from now. Hopefully I’m not one of those women who end up with broken ribs!

Now size updates from my favorite pregnancy app, Ovia!

This week Jax is the size of a baseball hat! Is it just me, or is that crazy big for 21 weeks?

And look at that hand size!!! I’ll never ever ever get over it. I love it soooo much!!

Here is our week 21 bump! I’m definitely feeling large. Getting in and out of the car is starting to be a pain in my butt and Cole says that I spread my legs when I bend to get something off the floor now, but I don’t notice it so I can’t say if that is true or not, haha! Check out the week 20 pregnancy update to see how much Jaxton has grown in the past week!

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