When My Three Year Old Spoke Up About His Disibility

For the past couple of days I have been teaching Ryleigh the names of her fingers- thumbs, fingers, and pinky. Keeping it really simple for her. So last night at dinner I was showing Cole that Ryleigh mostly knew the names of all of her fingers, then Camden chimed in- “I don’t have fingers. I have a big arm and little arm right here.”

If you don’t know, Camden was born without arms or legs. You can read about that here and here.

Your first reaction to what he had to say was probably sadness or pity, but y’all. What he said made me SO proud. One of my biggest fears is that Camden is going to be too nervous to talk about his limb-differences or that he won’t even know what to say. But last night. Man. He made my heart fill up with pride. Hearing him independently speak up and point out his differences and showing us what he had made me realize how smart and aware he is. Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing good enough with him, and then last night he lets me know that I’m doing an okay job and that when I’m not around to be his voice, he will be his own voice. And his three year old voice may be little and sweet, but his words are SO STRONG! I am so proud to be this boy’s momma and I cannot wait to see just how amazing and strong of a man he turns out to be!


4 thoughts on “When My Three Year Old Spoke Up About His Disibility

  1. I've followed you since you had Camden and you have done an amazing job in raising him. He is eh who he is because of you. You never I made him feel different and never made him think he couldn't accomplish something. You sh should be so proud of yourself and Camden as he is a blessing.


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