Baby Jaxton: Pregnancy-Weeks 22 & 23

I’m sorry that I didn’t post a pregnancy update last week! Last week was very hectic for us traveling to Texas on Wednesday, having my brothers wedding rehearsal Thursday, wedding on Friday, and then we drove back to Georgia Saturday night. Camden had a fever the whole time we were there and Ryleigh had a snot nose and cough. We left the kids in Texas so my parents could trade them back and forth for 2 weeks since they haven’t seen them in 10 months. Thankfully my mom is a pediatric nurse and all 4 of my parents have car seat safety beat into their heads, so they’re in great hands!

This week I will be covering weeks 22 and 23 of my pregnancy.

Week 22:
According to my pregnancy app, Ovia, Jax is the size of a water bottle! I was slacking last week and forgot to download his hand size, so you won’t be seeing that for this week. Sorry!!

I didn’t take an official week 22 belly pic, but this is from last Thursday at 22w2d.

At 22w6d I had an OB appointment! I gained 5 pounds in the past month. When my midwife was trying to find Jax’s heartbeat he decided that he wanted to be stubborn and move all around. She had to literally grab him to keep him still enough and he was STILL moving around, so she didn’t get an exact number for his heart rate, but you can hear all of his movements and little glimpses of his heart in this video.

Week 23:
For week 23 my Ovia app says that Jaxton is as big as a Barbie! He is now over 12 inches long and weighs over a pound. From here on out he’s going to start packing on lots of fat! I’m huge this pregnancy, so I predict that he is going to be my biggest and chunkiest baby!

And here is his sweet hand!

Our week 23 belly!!!


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