Baby Jaxton: Pregnancy-Weeks 26 & 27

Our family absolutely has NOT caught a break in over a month, so here I am again posting two weeks of pregnancy updates!! I’m probably just going to do it this way for now on. I don’t know. We will see! Here’s our 26 and 27 week pregnancy updates from my favorite pregnancy app, Ovia, and a few bump pics!

Week 26:

Let me tell y’all something about week 26. We decided to take a family trip to St Simons Island on good Friday. If you follow the Admirably Diverse Facebook page, you saw the pictures and live video. We were out there for 5 hours having the best time and my idiot fair skinned pregnant self didn’t put on any sunscreen until I was already out there for a few hours. Biggest mistake ever. I am STILL recovering from it 2 weeks later. My legs and feet are still purple and my whole body is peeling like I’m a snake, but thankfully the swelling is gone and I didn’t get burnt on my belly, chest, or shoulders. I thought I had sun poisoning, but thankfully I didn’t. So I said all of that to say, WEAR SUNSCREEN Y’ALL! 

On week 26 Jax was the size of a bowling pin! Sometimes their size comparisons really confuse me because one week it’ll be something huge and then the next week it’s something way smaller. You’ll see what I mean in week 27.

Week 26 hand size!!

And here is our week 26 bump! 

Week 27:

This week has started off great! I’m not too uncomfortable or anything (probably jinxing myself) and Jax is moving up a storm as I type this! I had an appointment with my midwife yesterday and Jax’s heart rate was 150! I also gained another five pounds in the past month. So that’s s total of 25 pounds and I still have three more months to go!! I’m actually going to have to work to get the baby weight off this time, unless breastfeeding makes it melt off again like after I had Camden and Ryleigh. 

This week Jax is the size on a bunch of bananas!! 

Here is his sweet little crazy fast growing hand!!

And our week 27 bump!!


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