Limb-Different Buddy Wednesday: Josh Kennison

Our limb-different buddy this Wednesday is Josh Kennison. Josh was born without hands, feet, or a toungue. Despite his differences and with the support of his awesome family, Josh learned to walk, talk, eat, and even run!

A cool fact about Josh is that after only two years of running track, he broke the T-43 World Long Jump Record! No one has been able to break his record since!

When Josh isn’t on the track, he spends his time coaching a middle school girls’ varsity soccer team, which he’s been doing for five years, and traveling to schools, businesses, and conventions to give motivational speeches about his life, all that he has been through and his amazing accomplishments!

One thing that Josh wanted me to talk about is his involvement with Camp No Limits. Camp No Limits is a camp for children with limb differences! Josh is a mentor at the camp and helps the kids learn how to do so many different things! If you have a child with a limb difference, you should look into this camp! From what I see on Facebook, this Camp really helps with the kids’ motivation and confidence.

Josh is someone I, as a mother of a limb different child, look up to a lot. I go to him with questions I’m not sure about and he really helps me a lot! I hope that he will be Camden’s mentor at Camp No Limits someday.

*If you would like to be a part of Limb-Different Buddy Wednesday, please send me a message on the Admirably Diverse Facebook page or email me at with your photo, your story, and links to your social media if you would like for others to follow you!*


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