Pregnancy Update & BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

So I haven’t posted any blog updates for a few weeks now, but for good reason! 


We’ve been wanting to move back to Texas, and of course take Cole with us, for a few months now. And we were so excited to find out at the end of April that it was FINALLY going to happen! So we packed up our house, said the hard goodbyes to our families, and moved to Texas on May 13th. Cole has a great job working for my dad and step mom and my mom and step dad are kind enough to let us stay with them for a little while while we get our apartment stuff worked out. So thankful for all of my parents. 

I am 31 weeks pregnant now! And pretty miserable. I have Braxton hicks contractions throughout the day and cramps a few times a day. Jax’s head is also super low, just like his big brother’s was. Another bonus about moving to Texas is that I will be able to get a VBA2C here and not have to travel an annoying/slightly nerve rattling distance. I’ve always wanted a natural birth, and to have it at my finger tips makes me feel so confident!! I am hoping to hear back from an amazing OB this week. He has my records and referral, so I’m going to call his office everyday until they schedule my appointment. I HAVE to birth my baby with him! So keep your fingers crossed and pray that I get my appointment with him soon. 

I’ve had a few requests for our registry, so I’ll add them at the end of this post after all of the belly pics!

Week 30

Week 31
You can find our BuyBuyBaby registry by typing in my name, Katie Whiddon, or typing in our registry ID #, 544234876.
You can find our cottonbabies registry by typing in my name, Katie Whiddon. 


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