Daddy’s Cheat Sheet For Labor

Daddy’s Cheat Sheet For Labor

When contractions start
-Make arrangements for Camden and Ryleigh
-Make sure everything on our hospital bag checklist is in our bags
-Make sure I eat a high protein meal
-Make sure I drink plenty of fluids
-If contractions are slow at first, make sure I nap and keep the kids out of our room. 
-Call hospital/OB office when contractions are 5 minutes apart, lasting for 1 minute, for 1 hour OR if you notice sudden changes in my behavior (i.e. not able to talk through contractions)

When we are admitted to the hospital
-Remind me to contact my family
-Call your parents and family
-Have me change into my laboring clothes

When in active labor
-Make sure our birth plan and wishes are being followed within reason
-Ask if there is anything you can do for me
-Offer a massage
-Ask if I would like a drink or ice
-Ask if I would like for you to get in the shower with me
-Remind me to breathe deeply and slowly and to relax
-Offer oils on a cotton ball if I am upset or nauseous
-Remind me to change positions often/use birthing ball/walk halls 
-Repeat these lines to me:
“Each surge brings our baby closer to us.”
“You are fearless.”
“You are strong.”
“God designed your body for this purpose.”
“These surges are not stronger than you.”
“I have complete confidence that your body is working perfectly.”
“The pain that you’ve been feeling can’t compare to the joy that is coming.”

If I am stressed or nervous
-Pray with me 
-Ask what you can do for me
-Ask if I would like for you to hug or hold me

When pushing begins
-Ask if I would like to use you for support
-Suggest a change in position if you notice me getting annoyed

When Jaxton is born
-Make sure umbilical cord has STOPPED pulsating BEFORE you cut. 
-Make sure he nurses before being examined, unless there is an emergency. 
-Make sure nurses and doctors do NOT retract or manipulate his foreskin whatsoever, especially without consulting us. 
-Make sure he gets the cloth diaper of your choice put on him instead of disposable. 
-Get into bed with us as soon as possible. 
-Our baby is not to be taken out of our room without the reasons being discussed with us first and nurses providing proper identification. 

After we have had proper bonding time
-Send pictures/video call your family
-Allow our visitors to enter the room
-Look at our postpartum plan for Jaxton’s care. Stay by his side no matter what. You are his protector and advocate. 
-Enjoy time with your baby boy and don’t be afraid to take him away from anyone. 

If there is an emergency
-ALWAYS ask if there is time to talk about other options. 
-Make sure my mother is aware and ask her opinion, if there is time. 


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