That One Time We Almost Got On The Ellen Show

You may have seen that viral video going around of the “Little Boy Without Hands Caring For Baby.” Well, those are my sons! And… that video went SO viral that the Ellen show contacted us! 

On August 29th I decided to share a video I took of my two boys. This video was nothing special to us, just a typical sweet moment in our house that I thought our friends and family would enjoy to watch. 

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I post a lot of photos and videos of our family, so I know how it usually goes with the likes and comments. Same pattern just about every time. Well, after a few hours I noticed that it was different. People were going crazy over this simple videos of our boys! I told Cole that I thought it was going to go viral and we both laughed about it. 

*I posted that video thinking it was going to get about 60 likes. When I thought it was going to go “viral” I was thinking just a few hundred thousand views, but at this moment on Facebook it has over 78K likes and 8M views. THAT.IS.INSANE.*

As the week went on I got tons of emails from people all over the world wanting to write about our family, had to copyright the video and sign a licensing agreement to make sure no one could make money off of it besides my children. 

THEN, on September 4th, a Story Coordinator for Inside Edition contacted me via email saying they would love to have us on their show! Amazing! BUT, when we told them that an Associate Producer from The Ellen DeGeneres Show contacted us that day too, they backed off… like skipped out on our scheduled FaceTime interview, backed off… and we haven’t heard from them since. 

We had two Skype interviews with The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Our first was with Michelle and our second with Kara. We loved them both!

Our talk with Michelle was so great! I was super nervous at first, but her great personality helped me get super comfortable! She would ask questions and I would answer. Camden would come into the conversation every now and then about how he wanted to be on Ellen’s show. 

In the middle of our conversation I said something about loving Ellen because she loves to help people and I can just relate to that so well because I love to help people too. Michelle asked how and I couldn’t answer for crying. My step dad was there too and he took over the conversation so I could gather myself. Things went on and I couldn’t stop thinking about how I didn’t get to say what I wanted to say because of my stupid emotions getting to me! We were at the end of our conversation and my step dad started thanking her. I chimed in thanking her for contacting me and I got to tell her everything I didn’t get to tell her earlier. We were both crying during and after I poured out my heart about the message I want to spread and why. She said she will be in touch for another interview. 

The next day we talked with Kara! All of her questions were pretty much the same, but we got a little deeper into my life and how I went through emotional and physical abuse in my previous relationship and how I was able to leave all of that and how life was as a single mom before I met Cole. I can’t remember exactly the question she asked after all of that, but it had to do something with how Camden made me feel, and I couldn’t give her the elaborate answer I know she was sitting on the edge of her seat for. When she asked that question, I couldn’t help but look at Ryleigh. I just stared at her, then looked over at Camden. I think of them exactly the same. There isn’t anything that strikes my heart strings more about one than the other besides what went on in my pregnancies, but both of those pregnancies were traumatic, heartbreaking and mind/heart opening for me, just in different ways. I see Camden as just this normal kid. And I told her that. But that’s when Cole came in with his story. 

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Cole heard about Camden when he was born. His mom showed him a picture and told him a little about what was going on. Cole said that he never knew how anyone could raise a child like ‘that’. But then God laughed and said, “I’ll show you how!” and made him fall in love with that little boy’s mom, and be the father to that little boy and raise him. (Oh gosh I love this man! But that’s another blog post…)

At the end of our conversation with Kara, she said that she didn’t know what was going to happen, but if they didn’t have us on the show it didn’t mean they didn’t think we were great. And that’s when she started telling me how good of a mom I am. I of course started crying. 

In that moment I just couldn’t stop thinking about how just 4.5 years ago I was a horrible, wild teenager doing whatever it was I wanted with not a care about anyone or anything but myself. Now, I’m a mom of three and I get to HELP people in so many different ways. I never saw myself where I am today… not in a MILLION YEARS! But I love where I am today. And I am where I am because of that limbless little boy I decided to give a chance. 

I have no idea if we will ever meet Ellen or go on her show to show the world how amazing these limb different kids are and how every single one of them deserves a chance, but the interviews and excitement of “ERRMEHGERD ELLEN” was a lot of fun! In our last email Michelle told us not to tell anyone wanting us on their show ‘no’, so I guess the answer is up in the air! 


3 thoughts on “That One Time We Almost Got On The Ellen Show

  1. Hi there, I just saw Camden's video, And I Can't stop crying, I'm disabled too And I'm 23 from India. I want to see Camden live on a video call. Please if it's possible then please contact me at Im waiting for your reply on my email. God bless My lil brother Camden


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