Mom Shaming: Milk Fed Babies

The other day I was tagged in a cute article by the TODAY show about a mom who carved a breastfeeding pumpkin, which isn’t uncommon for me to be tagged in this time of year since I became a mom 4 years ago. But, for some reason I decided to read the comments -when will I learn to not read the comments. And if you know me, you know I have a few things to say about it!
“Now talk about dumb😙.  Breast feeding is great but do it with dignity and respect for,others.  Not everyone wants to,see your boobs.”

Dignity and respect for others? I’m sorry -not really-, but since when has another persons feelings or comfort level been more important than a baby being fed? Never. And since when has breastfeeding ever been about dignity and respect for other people? Never. You are a grown person. You don’t want to see a baby eating from the breast? Walk the other direction. Seriously. As a breastfeeding mother, I feel like the most dignified and respectful thing I could do for my children was/is giving them milk PERFECTLY made for their bodies that is available and ready at all times. 
“We naturally pee and poop, but we don’t do that in public.”

So… you feed pee and poop to your kids? No? Then you can’t compare that to breastfeeding. Go on somewhere else with that nonsense. 
“this offends me , cover up,”

Uh, no. How about YOU go cover up your head while you’re eating and come back and tell me how that was. Better yet, do it while you have a 6 month old baby under there with you. Let’s see how long that blanket stays. Oh, and I’m sure a breastfeeding mother is more worried about comforting or filling her baby’s belly than you being offended. Adults wants/needs < baby’s wants/needs. 

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“I don’t think it’s the actual act of breastfeeding that bothers people;  it’s having to shove it on everyone’s face.”

Okay, there MAY be some women who breastfeed in public to “shove it in everyone’s face”, but 99.9% of mothers are just trying to do right by their child. I don’t cover when I breastfeed. Why? Because I don’t feel the need to. I’m just feeding my baby! I didn’t cover my oldest child when I fed him formula bottles, so I shouldn’t have to cover now. You feel like my boobs are being shoved in your face? Back your face away from my boobs. Simple as that. 
Those were just a few of the negative comments. Most of the shaming comments I saw were from MOTHERS. And that truly shocked me. The people who are supposed to support and uplift each other the most were speaking the most hate. 

Moms, however you feed your baby milk, don’t let others shame you into feeling bad about it. You breastfeeding uncovered? Cool. You breastfeeding covered? Great. You pump and take bottles? Good job. You use formula? Fantastic! You spoon/syringe feed? Keep up the great work. Your baby eats from a tube or other aid? Awesome. Keep feeding those babies! Brush off the rude stares and comments. Feed your baby the best you know how! And support your fellow moms! Feeding babies can be hard and frustrating! We ALL need support! 

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