Celebrating Differences: Tiffany

“…my daughter Tiffany is 16 years old.. She is in the 10th grade she runs track and cross country at her school she is also in the JROTC program.. She has just been told she has Alopecia Areata it is a Autoimmune disease.. It basically means her body is allergic to her hair and it’s falling out.. For a teenager this is heartbreaking. Everyone see’s it and they stare.. Her teacher tried to take points off her grade in JROTC because he thought she had her hair cut into a style that isn’t allowed.. After she explained to him what was going on he didn’t take any points and told her he was sorry.. But this is just the beginning stages.. I tell her all the time no matter what you are always beautiful.. She is a very strong kid she is handling this pretty well. She told me mom when I get out of school I want to be in the Marines Corp. So I have to be tuff..”

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