Celebrating Differences: Hunter

“Hunter has a major Anoxic brain injury the he got when he went into cardiac arrest from Influenza A (a strand that wasnt covered by the vaccine) and stridor. He was without oxygen for 11-15 minuets. We were told he would be “a vegetable” IF he made it. He was trached and given a GJ tube. We were in PICU for 2 months and inpatient rehabilitation for a month. He had to relearn to do EVERYTHING. Hunter definitely had an angel watching over him because when you look at his MRI’s it shows a thick layer of dead tissue around his brain and a bunch of black spots all throughout. We won’t know he severity of his injury until he’s a little older. I’m currently teaching him sign language because he only has 15ish words. He has a burst of aggression or gets very emotional randomly and he’ll hurt himself or others. He has moments he doesn’t understand what’s going on.”
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