Celebrating Differences: Christopher

β€œAt our 20 week anatomy scan we found out we were having another boy. I told her, no I’m not check again. She assured me he had a penis between his legs. πŸ˜‰ after my ultrasound I went to the upper floor for my appointment. The dr took an unusually long while to come in and I thought nothing of it. 
He came in and started going over my ultrasound results. “Kidneys look great. Heart looks normal. Normal brain development.” Then a pause. “Do you have a family history of polydactyly?” 
“No? What’s that?” 😳
“Well the ultrasound tech believes she saw a 6th toe on his right foot. Unfortunately your little soccer player didn’t cooperate and the picture isn’t completely clear so we won’t know for sure until he’s born.” 
He assured me that it was nothing to worry about and a random genetic defect. 
The day he was born one of the first things I noticed was that his pinky stuck out when I went to kiss his little hand. That “mom high” you’re on when you give birth? Yeah it deflated. Instant worry that something was wrong with my baby boy. Turns out, he not only had 2 (almost) fully formed functioning extra pinky toes, but he also had 2 extra pinky fingers too! He had 3 different “severities” of polydactyly. One pinky had a joint and all the bones but it wasn’t functional and it stuck out making clothes difficult to put on. The other pinky was an itty bitty skin tag that just hung off the side of his hand. 
At 4 months old we say the orthopedic surgeon. He took X-rays and determined his toes were formed in such a way that they would more than likely cause pain learning to walk so best to remove around 6 months old. His surgery was a week ago. Scariest 3 hours of my life! But he’s happy, other than a few allergies, healthy, thriving baby. 
He will forever have scars from where they removed his extras. 
#polydactyly #1in10000”

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