Celebrating Differences: Talon

“Talon Lewis Standon was born on November 25th 2017 at 1:58am. He weighed 5lbs and 4oz. 15 & 1/2 inches long. My pregnancy started out rough, i was sick all day, every day. We found out about his limb differences the day we found out he was a boy. It was the scariest moment of my life to hear the doctor tell me my little peanut didnt have any arms or legs. We then saw a specialist the next week and she confirmed his condition. It put a stress on me and my boyfriend but we made it through and week by week at the specialist the news got better! One week he had some arms, next week he had one leg, next week he had elbows, next week he had a half of femur on the other leg! We were so happy he was completley healthy! At 37 weeks at my regular scheduled doctors appointment to get checked for dilation, they found out i had preclampsia! They rushed my to the hospital where I was put on medicine to induce, my water broke and the process started! I started pushing finally and they told me to stop because every time I pushed I was stressing him out so I had to not push and let him work his way out! Slowly but surely here he came! Everything was perfect! He is almost 4 months now, and he plays with toys, talks, sucks on his nub, smiles and laughs! I am so glad god gave us this baby boy, he knew that even with his limb differences we would love him more than anything in this world. I am also so glad to be apart of your groups because I can see all the happiness and hardships that come with limb differences. I will make sure my son knows he can do anything he puts his mind too. 💙”

*If you or a family member would like to #celebratedifferences on our blog, Instagram, and Facebook page, please send your story and photo(s) to katiewhiddon@admirablydiverse.com


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