I got a message from someone I guess who is annoyed that I’ve recently decided to share more of how I feel inside about my outside. Saying it’s not who I am. Let me tell you about who I am. When I went through an abusive relationship 5 years ago I decided to hide my emotions and keep it mostly inside so I wouldn’t appear weak to my abuser. Something changed inside of me in August 2019 and now I vocalize my emotions instead of keeping it inside. I still have some work to do, but I’m getting a lot better at it. I’m now working on being vulnerable out of my comfort zone. Second, I am a writer. I discovered my love of creative writing in middle school, it continued on through high school, when I was pregnant with Camden and I had all of that emotion built up inside that I needed to release through writing, and then when I was in college. I fell out of love with writing a few years ago because I didn’t know what I was supposed to write. I just wasn’t ready. I needed to live life a little more. Go through dark dark hardships and incredible triumphs. I’ve had to find love for my inner-self again, start my new love for my outer-self, and start believeing in who I am and rebuild the relationship with my purpose. I found my love of writing again through learning that it’s okay to feel emotion about myself and that it’s so important to share that emotion because it is POWERFUL and helps others feel less alone, and in return I feel less alone too. Writing my thoughts and feelings is GOOD for me. I have been NEEDING to do this so badly for such a long time. Writing is currently helping me love this new body a little more and more every day and I will not allow anyone to take that from me. So, not sorry that you don’t like it. Just like, be kind man. You could’ve said that to someone else who was in a more delicate place in life and really hurt them. If you don’t like something but it’s not causing harm to anyone, then mind ya business and go look at something else. And if you express your emotion outwardly, keep going. And go some more. Don’t allow anyone to take that from you. Your vulnerability could change someone’s life, like so many women have recently changed mine.



  1. Trials come to make you stronger. Being vulnerable and talking about it makes you even stronger. People don’t realise. Im enjoying reading it and others are too, keep it up!


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