I know that as a first time mom (sometimes even as a second, third, or fourth time mom too) it can be very confusing to figure out everything you need and don’t need at the different points in your pregnancy. And even when your baby arrives! But don’t worry, thats why you have me lol. I just finished my fifth first trimester and I think that now, more than ever, I know all of the ins and outs of pregnancy and the absolute must haves for every stage. Also, I’m an enneagram type 5, so I am researching all of the things all of the time because I NEED to know it all and be up to date on everything. I got you!

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Some links on this page are affiliate links and I may earn a commission if you use them, at no extra cost to you. The commissions I earn from these links help me keep this blog running and support my family. I only link these products because I trust in their quality and believe they will benefit you as they have my family.

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Natural Nausea Relief

We all know about Preggie Pop Drops, but a great, even more natural alternative are the Natural Ginger Tummydrops. Natural Ginger Tummydrops are organic, NON-GMO, and only have four ingredients. Safe for your body and safe for your developing baby. No extra crap that makes your raise your eyebrow.

Essential Oils and Diffuser

Aromatherapy is such a great tool for pregnancy. It can combat nausea, help you sleep better at night, make your home smell fresh and clean, and even brighten your mood. Some women choose to use essential oils topically, but I choose only to do so under the supervision of my care provider. Some of my favorite oils to use during the first trimester are: Peppermint– for nausea. Bergamot– to uplift my mood. Lavender– to help calm and settle me for the night. Lemon, Sweet Orange, and Grapefruit– to give my home a fresh scent. My most favorite kit I ever bought was the Plant Therapy Top 14 Singles Set and my favorite diffuser is the Plant Therapy AromaFuse Diffuser

Prenatal Vitamins

For this pregnancy I decided to go with the Actif Organic Prenatal Vitamins. They’re made in the USA , organic, NON-GMO, contains 800mcg of L-methylfolate from lemons (instead of synthetic folic acid which is not good for people with MTHFR gene mutation) and also claim to be “the most complete Prenatal Vitamin Formula with 25+ Vitamins, Minerals, Organic Herbal blend, Choline and Probiotics.” 

Cute Thermal Cup

Any cup or water bottle will do the trick, but making myself drink water is a chore. Anyone else struggle drinking water? What makes it SO much easier for me is having a cute insulated cup to drink out of. It gives me more motivation to drink and I can keep my water cold all day.

Pregnancy App

This being my fifth pregnancy, I’ve gone through many pregnancy apps. My favorite app is the Ovia Pregnancy App. Every week it shows you how big your baby’s hands and feet are and gives you several different themes for how big your baby is that week. I’m in my 14th week currently and my baby is the size of a troll doll, according to the “fun & games” theme! How cute is that!?


Choosing your care provider will be one of the most important things you do in the first trimester. First, you need to choose what type of birth you want. Second, research what type of provider would best fit your birth. With my first pregnancy I was high-risk. My baby had physical differences and I needed an OBGYN. I also had a cesarean for that birth. For my second birth I wasn’t in a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) friendly area, so I needed to see an OBGYN again to preform my cesarean. For my third birth I was terrified to have a third cesarean. The risks far outweighed the benefits after doing some reading on it. I just happened to relocate to a very VBAC friendly area and sought the best VBAC provider in the area. I went with an OBGYN that specialized in vaginal births after multiple cesareans. I had a successful non-medicated natural vaginal birth after 2 cesareans with that doctor. After feeling confident in my body’s ability to birth naturally, for my fourth pregnancy I sought out a home birth midwife that accepted VBA2C patients. My doula that I had with my first child directed me to an incredible midwife, Dr. Teri Mitchell of BundleBorn Midwifery in Frisco, Texas. I had an amazingly empowering 2VBA2C home birth. You can watch my birth video here. After the experience of our amazing home birth, I never had a second thought of what I would choose for my fifth pregnancy. So this baby will be a home birth baby as well.

I hope you enjoyed my first trimester must haves blog post! Did I miss anything? What were your first trimester must haves?


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