Our Family

Hi, there! We are so glad you found us over here in our little corner of the world wide web. My name is Katie Whiddon Greene. I am 25 years old, married to my absolute best friend, Cole, and together we have 6 amazing kids (one who is not shown because she was unknowingly in my tummy)!

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One thought on “Our Family

  1. Omgosh I have a Jaxton too! You had one first though as mine was born Oct 1, 2016. He sounds A LOT like your Jax as well. Trouble with ALL capitals not just the T but a smile and hug that brighten the world (and unfortunately work too well at melting the heart of whoever is TRYING to give him heck for something! Lol)

    I just found your Insta account story about Camden turning 7 and that got me to your blog a few minutes later and i am so glad! Your family is gorgeous and I am in awe of your strength and the maturity you had at 18 to choose to move forward with a baby who eould have many challenges and an uncertain future.

    Your choice has allowed us lucky internet people a glimpse into the life of an amazing little guy that started your motherhood journey and has the strength and fortitude that rivals a grown up. I cant wait to go read the rest of your other blog posts and meet everyone else but i needed to comment first and tell you how sweet your IG video about Camden was and thank you for sharing your life


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