Celebrating Differences: Kaylynn

This is our amazing daughter Kaylynn. She is autistic and non verbal but doesn’t let that stop her. She has a speech device that she uses to communicate and a little bit of sign language as well. She has really shown us and everyone she meets that being different is not a bad thing! She loves music, painting, and being outside in nature. As well as jumping on her trampoline and climbing on anything and everything 😄 She never sits still and is always ready for the next adventure. Her carefree attitude really inspires me to enjoy life and not worry about what other people think. I feel so blessed to be her mommy❤”

*If you or a family member would like to #celebratedifferences on our blog, Instagram, and Facebook page, please send your story and photo(s) to katiewhiddon@admirablydiverse.com


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